The Skein Train Story

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Skein Train LLC is a partnership between Sandy Hopkins and Lyn Brown.  Skein Train is located in La Plata, NM, approximately 18 miles Northwest of Farmington, where both Sandy and Lyn are involved in conservation sheep ranching.

Rocky Slope FarmSandys CVM Ram Dal

Sandy’s Rocky Slope Farm is involved in raising Romeldale/CVM (California Variegated Mutant) sheep.  The CVM is on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Critical List of En­dangered sheep breeds.  This means there are fewer than 2000 of this breed globally and less than 200 registered each year in the United States.


Shear Perfection RanchCA Red Sheep Ram Road Racer

Lyn’s Shear Perfection Ranch is at the forefront of the California Red Sheep Rebuilding Project, which involves going back to the original Tunis Sheep and Barbados Blackbelly cross that created the breed.  This breed is an American original developed in the 1980’s around Davis, CA.  With fewer than 500 animals reported to the registry in their 2015 census, this breed is critical in endangered sheep breeds, but is not considered a heritage breed and therefore is not on the ALBC list. 


In addition to California Red Sheep, Shear Perfection Ranch has divisions for Tunis Sheep (Roadrunner Tunis) and for Barbados Blackbelly Sheep (Enchantment Barbados Blackbelly).

 Tunis Ram Uptown 1201 Road Trip

Tunis Sheep are on the Watch List of the ALBC with a global population of less than 10,000 and annual registrations of less than 2,500 in the U.S.


Barbados Blackbelly Ram Lone Star SumoBarbados Blackbelly Sheep are on the Recovering List of the ALBC, which means breeds that were once listed in another category and have exceeded Watch category numbers but are still in need of monitoring.


Raw WoolIn order to support the expenses of these conservation efforts Skein Train was formed to market raw wool, roving (ready-tRovinngo-spin) fiber, and handspun yarns. Skein Train, also, has handcrafted items made from home grown fibers as well as commercial yarns. In addition, Sandy and Lyn provide classes in dyeing, felting, handspinning, knitting, crochet and other fiber arts.Freestyle Crochet Handpainted Wool Scarf

 California Red Sheep Newsboy Hat

Sandys needlefelted birdsWedding or Prom ShawlLyns Knitted Felted Hat

Skein Train used to attend many of the fiber arts festivals, wool festivals and arts & crafts shows within a reasonable driving distance of La Plata, New Mexico, however, with the passing of Lyn’s husband and the illness of Sandy's husband it has forced them to become the farm caretakers and give up a majority of the festivals. 


Skein Train’s internet store is open 24/7 for your shopping pleasure at or where Brown Sheep Company yarns are featured. These incredible USA origin yarns are beautiful, economical and great for weaving, knitting, crochet and needle arts. Be sure to check out BSC’s great handpainted sock yarns. Skein Train always has a limited supply of handspun yarns on hand also.


Skein Train’s current spinning fibers are fromHandspun Yarn Lyn and Sandy’s own ranches and other small producers. Current fibers include California Red Sheep rovings, CVM Rovings, CVM/Rambouillet Rovings, Rambouillet Top, Cormo Top, Coopworth Top, mohair, Mulberry silk, hemp and flax. Please visit us often as Skein Train will be adding new products frequently.

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